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NARSTCO Supplier Invests in Solar Technology


NARSTCO steel ties just got a little “greener.”

Gerdau, the supplier of steel for NARSTCO’s market-leading steel ties and turnout sets, announced plans in June to develop one of the largest behind-the-meter (BTM) solar facilities in the nation. The facility will be located adjacent to the Gerdau and NARSTCO plants in Midlothian, Texas, and will provide power directly to the Gerdau steel mill, creating cost and energy consumption benefits.

NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets are made from recycled steel from Gerdau; additionally, the materials are able to be recycled, which combined make NARSTCO products the environmentally conscious choice for the rail industry. NARSTCO steel ties offer greater reliability, a longer life-span, and a smaller environmental footprint compared to alternative materials.  

“NARSTCO steel products are simply the more environmentally friendly choice,” said Matt Violin, senior director of sales and marketing at NARSTCO. “From the steel mill, powered by solar energy, to the recycled steel they are forged with, to the longer service life, they really are the greenest product on the market.”

Around North America, class I and shortline railroads, transit agencies and commercial industrial customers have all seen and reaped the benefits of NARSTCO’s steel ties and turnout sets. For more information on NARSTCO products, download our brochure or visit